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Falls Creek is one of the largest summer camps in the United States located in Davis, OK. We will be attending June 10-15, 2019. The early bird special is $185 from now until June 1. After June 1 the cost goes to $200 per student. The cost includes room and board for a week at one of Falls Creek's most exclusive cabins, camp shirt, fun activities, transportation and much more. To register, click the picture above and follow the instructions!
Super Summer exists to inspire and equip students as Kingdom leaders focusing on 6 core values; spiritual growth, Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service/Ministry. Beginning in 1986 as a training opportunity for youth ministers to bring Christian young people who were interested in advancing their personal spiritual growth. Super Summer has over 3000 participants and promises to continue growth as the need for student leaders intensifies. Super Summer Oklahoma is an independent camp operated by a board of directors made up of youth ministers, pastors, and laymen. Super Summer takes place at Oklahoma Baptist University the first three full weeks of June each year. God continues to prompt Super Summer Oklahoma to provide a cutting edge vision and resource to churches and youth pastors that will effectively explode this generation of Christian teens into a world that desperately needs hope and salvation. We will attend Week 1 June 3-7. The cost for Super Summer is $205 per student. If you would like to pay for your student online, please click the logo above and follow the instructions.
The cost is $15 for a great seat to watch the Oklahoma City Dodgers. We have reserved 25 tickets and they will likely run out! We will leave around 5pm, but you need to eat BEFORE we leave or bring extra money for concessions. We will likely return around 11pm to the church. Please click the picture to register for this event.
SERVE. COMMUNITY. CONNECT. Want to serve in a meaningful way without losing the fun and discipleship that are part of Camp? Students can help offset the cost by serving our church. For example, if a student serves 10 hours, we will knock $100 off the price. If students serve 20 hours they can receive $200 off the price. And if they serve 25 hours, they could earn $239 off!!! Do you want to make an impact this summer? Then join us for this amazing opportunity to serve others while connecting with God (Love God, Love Others). Mission Camp is in Glorieta, NM from July 5-9 2019. If you would like to pay for this event and register your student, please click the picture above and follow the instructions.
For only $10 you will get great seats to watch our Energy, but also we get to be on the field and sit in the players/coaches chairs during warmups! Be sure to eat dinner before you arrive or bring extra money for concessions. The bus will leave at 5pm. Please click the picture above to register.
For $15 you will enjoy two hours of golfing fun! There will be six students per bay (similar to one bowling lane). To maximize fun, bring $5 extra to signup for a Top Golf membership and keep track of your score separately from the group. Students will need to eat BEFORE we leave or bring extra money for food at Top Golf. Please click the picutre to register.
Join us for a night of bowling!
Impact Weekend is a camp-like experience starting on Friday September 20 and ending Sunday September 22 at 12 pm. Your student will encounter God through various worship and teaching sessions, serve our local Elk City community and have tons of fun. Your student will stay at a host home with other students from their same age and gender. Not only is this a time to reconnect with God, but's it's a time to be in community with other Christ-following students. The cost for this weekend is $35, which includes all the weekend activities, a themed t-shirt and food costs. Please click the picture above to register

First Students exists to bring students (7th - 12th) closer to Jesus and to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, encourage uplifting relationships with other Christians, and empower life changing relationships with non-believers. We strive to: Elevate - our worship, Encourage - believers, and Engage - our community.

Elevate is our weekly student service from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Our goal is to weekly elevate the name of Jesus. In the fall of 2017, our focus will be on what it means to truly follow Jesus.

Encourage groups meet each Sunday from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. to grow students further in the Word and to edify each other as fellow believers.