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Weekly Newsletter



I hope this article finds you and your family doing well and staying healthy! We are beginning our fall program tonight (Wednesday). All of our classes and groups will begin at 6:30 including:


           Wednesday Worship (Chapel)

           Men’s and Women’s classes (Event Center)

           Divorce Care (Event Center)

           First Kids

           First Students

           Any other groups that are meeting


Our Wednesday meal is changing somewhat due to the corona virus. We will serve the meal from 5:45 pm to 6:30 pm. This is a little later than previous years. Our desire is that moving to a later time will enable more of our families to come. Also, the meal will be a boxed meal, which we hope will lessen the opportunity to spread any virus. We would like to eventually move to a cashless system, which will also help prevent the spread of disease. You can go to our church website and click on “Wednesday Night Meal” to register online. I did it myself today and it is simple to navigate.


Thank you for your continued faithfulness in the giving of tithes and offerings. These are unusual days because of COVID-19, but God is on the throne and the ministry of the church continues in spite of outward circumstances. To God be the glory!

Pastor Russell