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Weekly Newsletter

Dear Church Family,




This past Sunday we passed out our proposed budget for 2021. If you did not receive a copy, please stop by the church office and pick one up! This budget was prepared over the course of many weeks and meetings between the appropriate committees and church staff. Please remember that the budget serves as a toll to guide our ministry and to ensure that the work of our church continues to take place.




Prior to selecting the next senior pastor many churches go through a transitional process that assists the church in clarifying where God is leading the church. This process is led by an INTERIM or TRANSITIONAL PASTOR. This process takes a couple of months to complete but is meant to encourage the church as it looks toward the future.


Our Chairman of Deacons, Cory Spieker, with the support of the Deacon body would like our church to consider implementing this process before we select our next Senior Pastor. The specialist in this area for Oklahoma Baptists has provided an outline to us of this process and you can find it below:


Transitional Process

First Baptist Church, Elk City, OK

List of Objectives/Meetings

•  Overview of transitional process

           What is our assignment? (Psalm 119:105)

•  Assess our current reality

•  Determine next steps that would lead to a preferred future

•  Present a report and set of recommendations to the church

•  Set the stage for the calling of our next pastor

           How will we accomplish that assignment?  

•  Meet regularly

•  Discuss thoroughly the current reality of our church (Mal. 3:16-18)

•  Develop an action plan toward a preferred future based on the Great Commission and the current reality in FIRST Baptist Church

           What is asked of me?

•Pray, pray, pray

•Demonstrate servant leadership

•Desire the Lord’s will for FIRST Baptist Church above everything else

•Participate in group discussion

•Check our egos and agendas at the door

•Share your convictions with others in a respectful manner

•Listen to the convictions shared by others in a respectful manner 

•See first to understand, then to be understood

•Value collaboration and teamwork

•Practice consensus in our decisions

•Learn to make your thinking visible

•Talk about what we are learning with others in the church

•  Christ’s Letter to FIRST Baptist Church: What Would Jesus Say To Our Church?

-    Do a study of the seven churches of Revelation 2-3

-    In small groups, discuss what would Christ say to us in the following areas:





•  Review and study of Annual Church Profile data for the past 20 years

-    Examine measurable data related to our church practice at FIRST Baptist Church -     Look for areas of strength and challenge

•  Assess the current doctrinal position of FIRST Baptist Church

-    Utilize a tool that assesses both the consensus church position as well in twelve key doctrinal areas

-    Discuss each of the key areas assessed for explanation and application in church life


•  Review and study of Demographic report on the Anywhere, OK area

-    Review the raw data of the population in our primary ministry area

-    Learn how residents of Anywhere, OK respond to different aspects of church life

-    Identify ministry opportunities based on this report

•  Generational Survey

-    Review general characteristics of four generations typically found in every church

-    Present generational breakdown of FIRST Baptist Church

-    Discuss implications for FIRST Baptist Church in inter-generational groups

•  Values Inventory

-    Understand the importance of a church’s corporate values and how to examine them

-    Examine the values of FIRST Baptist Church through actual church practice


•  Gospel Advance model presentation and discussion

-    Look at the big picture of the church and its practice as God intended

-    Compare God’s intention with current church practice at FIRST Baptist Church

•  Great Commission presentation and discussion (Matthew 28:18-20)

-    Hear a presentation on the timeless mission of the church

-    Discuss in small groups how FIRST Baptist Church is currently doing in its fulfillment of its God-given mission

•  Six Functions of the Church presentation and discussion

-    Hear a presentation on the six functions of the church and how they are the means through which the church fulfills its mission

-    Discuss in small groups how FIRST Baptist Church is currently doing in its fulfillment of its God-given mission

•  S.W.O.T. Analysis of FIRST Baptist Church regarding the six functions of the Church

-    Work in groups to assess one of the six functions

-    Each group examines their respective function in terms of strengths, weaknesses, issues, and trends

•  Work on report and recommendations in sub teams of the functions of the church - Review all the information assimilated up to this point

-    Develop 3-5 recommendations with timelines and responsibilities for implementation

•  Presentation by sub teams of their report and action plan

•  Compilation of sub teams report into one team report

•  Plan for presentation of report to the church

Matt Bradshaw

Associate Pastor